Whale Watching Tours

2017 Prices: January, February, March
Specializing in small groups

Come join Jagan and Sue on a trip of a lifetime! Please remember we are a small out of the way destination and a small one boat company, so space is limited and there are only so many days in the season.  All trips subject to weather and ocean conditions. So it’s best to come visit Salt Cay and stay a while!

Half Day Tour: $125 per person (tax included)

Private Charters (6 passengers or less)
Half Day: $600
Full Day: $1000 – includes lunch on a beach, island style.

A Hydrophone is on board, a unique underwater listening device, that allows you to actually hear the whales singing!

Life jackets, snorkeling gear and refreshments included.

For Private Charter Scenarios:
If your wish is to be out on the water at sunrise, or sunset, (or both) collect beach glass or shells, visit the stingrays on Gibbs Cay or even do some native handline fishing in between whale sightings, we can help make your trip special, advance planning is necessary.

These trips are for true whale enthusiasts looking for an extraordinary experience.

If you are traveling on one of the many cruise ships that make port in Grand Turk we can organize a charter for you to come whale watching with us. If you are staying on another island we can help you arrange a day trip to come visit Salt Cay.

Our tours adhere to proper whale watching etiquette allowing guests to have a safe, educational and environmentally friendly experience.

Deposit of 25% is required at time of booking to secure your spot or charter the boat, fully refundable if we have to cancel due to weather.

Spot These Whales on Salt Cay!

“Did you know that the whales we see from the shores of Salt Cay are part of the North Atlantic and Gulf of Maine population? That population is very well studied and some of the whales seen here in Salt Cay, like Pinball who is pictured above, are well known to researchers up north on the feeding grounds. Together, as citizen based scientists, we can exchange information about sightings to learn more about these whale’s individual lives and lineages! Pinball was seen on multiple days with her 8th recorded calf in March 2016 a few minutes offshore from Salt Cay.

Our goal is to build a photo identification catalogue of the individuals spotted in our waters this winter. And to work with our wide network of researchers and naturalists in an effort to fill in some important information about these amazing creatures and their migration routes between summer feeding grounds and winter calving areas. Passengers on our whale watch excursions will engage in citizen science with the chance to help collect important information about the whales we observe in the waters around Salt Cay.   Maybe you too will be able to help identify a whale or two!

Photos by Mandy Houston (more photos of Pinball and information here)